Overview Bellota Ranch
Bellota Ranch
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Just 15 miles from the Northeast side of Tucson you will find the historic Bellota Ranch sitting in  the beautiful mountaintops of Coronado National Forest.

32°19’37.3″N 110°38’06.1″W
32.327019, -110.635028

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Bellota Ranch has a rich history starting with Cattle ranching in the 19th century. Later it was owned by the Reeve family, which built the historic building consisting of a mainhouse with guestrooms and courtyard area. Christopher Reeve, later starring in the first Superman movie, grew up at Bellota Ranch. Afterwards Tanque Verde Ranch used Bellota Ranch for lodging guests and offering Horse riding tours, but closed the doors in 2008.

Current development & future plans:

In 2022, the Smallhouse Family of Redington took over Bellota Ranch and partnered with Wild West Wedding L.L.C. to revive the historic Bellota Ranch as a wedding venue and event location with lodging options.

News, more information and progress will be continuously posted on this website.